Tiada Beza

"Sakitnya hati aku weh.."
"Kenapa ni?"
"Dia buat aku camni..Geramnya Ya Allah.. Cuba kalau dia ada kat tempat aku? Dia tak fikir ke apa aku rasa? Dia tak consider pun perasaan aku" :'(
"Mungkin dia tak sengaja?"
"We have talked this over lah.. Geram tahu tak? Kau rasa kan, kalau aku buat benda yang sama macam yang dia buat kat aku, dia akan rasa sakit hati tak?"
"Tuhan tu kan Maha Adil, kalau kau nak amik tindakan macam tu, apa beza kau dengan dia sekarang?"

Often that we think, by inflicting pain to others will make us feel better, but eventually the answer is the other way round. He is Al-Adl, let's let Him does His justice.


SPM 2015?

It has been three years since I received my SPM result. Often that I remind myself that examination result won't lead me to be a successful person but efforts for every single thing that I do will help me to go through every hardship that I'll encounter. Today is the day that SPM 2015's results are released. Flashing back to the days when I thought SPM is everything, frankly I swear it is the most stupidest faith that I once hold onto. I'm not saying those who got splendid results won't succeed but this is just a message for those who did not achieve good results yet to stay firm on a brand new believe that it is called 'hope'. Yes, there is always hope for those who really really yearn for it. All you need to do is keep on going, keep on pursuing your dream. 

Easier said than done, isn't it? But that's how things work. I'm not being sappy here okay, I tell you the truth. There is one, my acquaintance who did very well in SPM, but he/she is now studying in one of the private colleges in Malaysia because of some stuffs after SPM did not work out the way like before. He/she did not really perform during foundation/A level. Meanwhile, a few good friends of mine who just got few As, are now studying in UK and US, fully sponsored. Now, it's no longer on the matter of how many As you got, but how much efforts you can offer in achieving your goals? With Allah wills, nothing in universe can stop you from achieving it.

Then, which of the favors of your lord will you deny?