Six Months

I found that there a lot of unexpected things have happened between us within these six months. Sometimes I do not believe in myself that you would still stay regardless of how much pain I gave to you. It is not easy to fall in love and to be loved. It is not easy to have someone to still love you regardless of how imperfect you are, how sensitive you can be. It is not easy to have someone to stay comfort in silence. It is not easy to have someone who loves you from zero. I love you. I love you even I have never said it to you verbally. 
I love you and I really meant it.

I'll wait for you to come home. 


Chaos, I'm in love.

I decided to fall in love. I won't say it as - again.
No. It's for the first time, first time.

I'm in love with my high school sweetheart 💖