Mutual Respect

Yesterday, I went to SMKA Naim Lil-Banat for an activity and I made new friends. I was so surprised like wow I made friends with Malay, Chinese and even Indian only for a few hours, and they are older than me. They are studying at USM Kelantan, taking diploma course in.. I can't recall what it is but undoubtedly it's science course *facepalm*. And there's a Chinese girl named Mei, like oh my god, she paid full attention to my nonsense babbling. She looked me in the eyes and nodded when I was talking and I was like hey babe we have mutual respect ahaks. Hahaha! I don't know why I like Mei but she's kinda friendly but shy in the meantime and I can get along with her very well. She asked me a lot of questions, and I tell her everything that I know but I think she knew what I was going to talk about but she didn't interrupt me and I call it respect, I repeat respect. I really appreciate the existence of this kind of people like it's so hard to find these days. This might be because I have met 'dia yang paling tahu' people and they annoyed me. Everytime. Have you ever encountered this situation? For instance:

Ali/ Abu conversation

"Eh kau tahu tak, Cikgu Zam ajar aku math ni macam ni macam ni la. Tapi kan lepas tu Ahmad ajar aku cara yang lagi senang dowh, bagus ar dia kan. Cara dia ajar pun mudah faham."

"Aku dah tahulah cara yang Ahmad ajar tu.."

Like what?! "Aku dah tahulah..." punya ayat is not a respect at all. For me, it is impolite. You can't say to your friends like "Aku dah tahulah..." kind of ayat because it hurts. It might hurts people who talk to you with their full enthusiasm. At least, you have to let them finish their words first and then say "Ha'a dia ajar senang kan". Just agreed! Unless your friends tu jenis yang cakap benda yang sama beratus-ratus kali, I'll just say "Sebenarnya kau dah cakap semalam"

Maybe it's just me that over-think a simple matter but for me, I think I'm trying my best to do not hurt people's feelings with words. Let's change for goods! Last but not least, before I end this entry I would like to share one of my favourites Grumpy Cat's tweet.

"It's so rude to talk when I'm interrupt!"


Daisy's Dream

Have you ever dreamt of going somewhere with a person that you love and have a deeper conversation all the way the trip? Because I have, always have. I think it will be so sweet yet kinda surreal to have a short or long vacation after midnight and do all the crazy stuffs that you haven't done before. If I have the chance to do it so one day, I want that day becomes the best day of my life and do it with my husband which is idk who yet. Before the trip, I want to buy a lot of junk food, chocolates, soft drinks etc (a must! haha) and then escape from the reality even for a few hours. I wanna go to the amusement park where the clowns always plaster a smile on their face, where kids freely running around without worries, where I can be as childish as I wanna be forever, where my dumbest jokes are made and my partner will always laugh. I wanna ask him to play everything in the amusement park and bully him as like I've never done it to anyone else before. Then, I want to stroll hand in hand, share ice-cream and popcorns, ride on merry-go-around and walk in the park together. Also, I wanna ask him about his fears, hopes, favourite colours and his bitter memories if he doesn't mind. I really wanna have a deeper conversation as I'm keeping myself to him. I wanna lie on the grass and he doesn't mind in joining me yet asks me to count the stars on the rooftop and then we'll take a lot of polaroid photos and hang its in our room. After all, at the end of the day, I just wanna wake up in his arms.

Sounds cheesy and dreamy isn't? Yet again, I'm reminded myself that I ain't a princess, ain't a girl who people pay attention for but I'm seriously okay with that. My life ain't a fairy tale, ain't a romantic movie and I don't really put high expectation in my dreams. I just dream because who'd choose a daisy in the garden of roses in real life?



How's Your June?


I apparently didn't start my June with good things, as I accidentally scratched my father's car (a big part of it) and broke my android screen on the first June. But lucky me, the things are still working. Pheww *breaths normally* alhamdulillah. I realize that for 19 years of my life, I broke so many important things, especially my family members' stuffs. When I was a kid, I broke glasses, watches (my sister's Swatch), my mom's favourite vases, plates, lipsticks and Bonia watch too. Nevertheless, I still can say that I'm lucky, because my family members didn't get mad at me. Maybe they were disappointed but they didn't yell the shit out of me like keep on nagging all day long or whatnots, which means I should be more grateful for having them as my family. Alhamdulillah.. and yup I still have a long holiday and I surely will spend it at my house and..

I don't know what kind of things I'm going to damage in the future.