Daisy's Dream

Have you ever dreamt of going somewhere with a person that you love and have a deeper conversation all the way the trip? Because I have, always have. I think it will be so sweet yet kinda surreal to have a short or long vacation after midnight and do all the crazy stuffs that you haven't done before. If I have the chance to do it so one day, I want that day becomes the best day of my life and do it with my husband which is idk who yet. Before the trip, I want to buy a lot of junk food, chocolates, soft drinks etc (a must! haha) and then escape from the reality even for a few hours. I wanna go to the amusement park where the clowns always plaster a smile on their face, where kids freely running around without worries, where I can be as childish as I wanna be forever, where my dumbest jokes are made and my partner will always laugh. I wanna ask him to play everything in the amusement park and bully him as like I've never done it to anyone else before. Then, I want to stroll hand in hand, share ice-cream and popcorns, ride on merry-go-around and walk in the park together. Also, I wanna ask him about his fears, hopes, favourite colours and his bitter memories if he doesn't mind. I really wanna have a deeper conversation as I'm keeping myself to him. I wanna lie on the grass and he doesn't mind in joining me yet asks me to count the stars on the rooftop and then we'll take a lot of polaroid photos and hang its in our room. After all, at the end of the day, I just wanna wake up in his arms.

Sounds cheesy and dreamy isn't? Yet again, I'm reminded myself that I ain't a princess, ain't a girl who people pay attention for but I'm seriously okay with that. My life ain't a fairy tale, ain't a romantic movie and I don't really put high expectation in my dreams. I just dream because who'd choose a daisy in the garden of roses in real life?


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