Can't Wait for Ramadan!

I'm so looking forward to the merriest month of the year, which is Ramadan and I'm pretty sure that all of my friends, every Muslims feel the same way too. But, do we have any desire to prepare for Ramadan? *repeated question to myself*. When I bringing back those Ramadan's memories, I found that there's always a thing that I missed out to do in Ramadhan which is istiqamah or in the other word is steadfast. I've searched and found a few tips on how to remain steadfast and I really wanna share this with you guys.

How to remain steadfast in Ramadan?

✿ Keep  the company of good people. (Man is on the deen of his friends)

✿ Keep connected to the Qur’an, through its recital, study and implementation.

✿ Reflect and question yourself daily.
( E.g) "Are you headed the right way? Are your intentions sincere?"

✿ Learn to take advice from others.

So there you go, a few tips that might help us less or more, inshaAllah. It may seems cliche but hey it doesn't mean it is not profound and I think we can OR have to practice it starting from now. Remember, this is actually not only for Ramadan but for the rest of our live. Don't you think that getting ready for something good is good? As for me, I've always want Ramadan spirit for every months. Kita manusia, ada masa iman kita ni naik turun naik turun kan and my worst fear is kalau iman turun.. tak naik naik, kan sadis pulak jalan cerita kita ke syurga nanti. Therefore, lets surround ourselves with good people then inshaAllah we will be good. 

May this Ramadan is the best Ramadan of our life. Tabarakallah.


After a Year

Recently, aku pergi satu program kat sekolah lama; Program Alumni Prihatin.
So there's a lot of new students that I didn't know, long time no see yang budak-budak batch aku, Kaizen. Then this one guy, I don't want to mention who, but at that time he was holding a DSLR while wander around the stage and hall taking pictures. And when he approached me, aku macam awkward lah sebab dah lama gila tak borak dengan dia. But actually memang aku jenis yang tak bercakap mana dengan budak batch aku pon especially lelaki, banyak yang sekadar tegur-tegur "hai mijaa" "hai" gitu jelah. So it was totally awkward and he asked me to make a pose or smile as he wanted to take a picture of me. Bagi aku benda tu tak salah pon, its just I'm not used to it and dah setahun kita tak jumpa. It doesn't appropriate for me to make a pose (alone) for a male photographer which is an ajnabi guy haha you know that kind of things. Here is the conversation when he approached me.

Guy : Mijaa, senyumlah nak amik gambar (while holding his DSLR)
Me : Eh takpelah, taknak taknak. Lagipun aku sorang je ni (I was alone and it was awkward!)

And there's another guy came and asked to take a picture of us. Lagilah aku taknak ohoi!

Me : Erm takpe taknak taknak.
Guy : Ala jomlah, memori ni kan, lagipun kecantikkan tu perlulah diabadikan.
Me : Haha takpayahlah. Tak kekal pon kecantikkan tu (waving hand)
Guy : Sebab tu lah kita ambik gambar. Jom jom.
Me : Hm tapi tak cantik pon, takpayahlah..

Finally, he refused to take a picture of me and I was so relieved I don't know how to describe it. Perasaan dan reaksi aku sekarang dah banyak berubah and I think it is good for me. Perlahan-lahan kan kita nak jadi better dari sebelum ni? But hey I'm not blaming others pon if they don't understand me. It is just me that don't know how to clarify things and approach people. I just hope to be a better muslimah by not hurting others. Tak salahkan?


Important Results in May

Alhamdulillah, finally I've got my exam results. I didn't hit my target but ya ya its serve me right. Actually they are MUET and final semester result. They both were okay but wait MUET, can I cry a river for it? I don't know why I'm suck at MUET and I think I've put a lot of efforts on it. Maybe it wasn't enough or maybe Allah wants me to work and pray harder, oh yes. SNAP!

By the way, thinking about results, its lead me to think about my UPU applications. I really have a low self-opinion about myself that I'll get first intake of degree. Its true that 'having a low opinion about yourself is not modesty, but it is self-destruction', but this is something unsure but the negative side seems agree with my inner thoughts. For me, it is okay to wait for second intake degree as long as I get my favourite course which is TESL (Education). It is just only people's expectations that I can't stand.

However, I'm not going to give up. Never at all. One important thing I'll just bear in mind,
His plans definitely are the best for me.

Doakan saya ya sahabat :)