Can't Wait for Ramadan!

I'm so looking forward to the merriest month of the year, which is Ramadan and I'm pretty sure that all of my friends, every Muslims feel the same way too. But, do we have any desire to prepare for Ramadan? *repeated question to myself*. When I bringing back those Ramadan's memories, I found that there's always a thing that I missed out to do in Ramadhan which is istiqamah or in the other word is steadfast. I've searched and found a few tips on how to remain steadfast and I really wanna share this with you guys.

How to remain steadfast in Ramadan?

✿ Keep  the company of good people. (Man is on the deen of his friends)

✿ Keep connected to the Qur’an, through its recital, study and implementation.

✿ Reflect and question yourself daily.
( E.g) "Are you headed the right way? Are your intentions sincere?"

✿ Learn to take advice from others.

So there you go, a few tips that might help us less or more, inshaAllah. It may seems cliche but hey it doesn't mean it is not profound and I think we can OR have to practice it starting from now. Remember, this is actually not only for Ramadan but for the rest of our live. Don't you think that getting ready for something good is good? As for me, I've always want Ramadan spirit for every months. Kita manusia, ada masa iman kita ni naik turun naik turun kan and my worst fear is kalau iman turun.. tak naik naik, kan sadis pulak jalan cerita kita ke syurga nanti. Therefore, lets surround ourselves with good people then inshaAllah we will be good. 

May this Ramadan is the best Ramadan of our life. Tabarakallah.


atie zakaria said...

can't wait too.. :)

Mijaa said...

kan kan :D

seribupilihan said...

you are true..nice tips here..but i m not prepare yet for it..but i m still istiqamah..why? because i always do a better thing for ramadhan spirit..even i've got sick for it..never mind..because it's a good thing for me and my hereafter..emm emm..:-)