Important Results in May

Alhamdulillah, finally I've got my exam results. I didn't hit my target but ya ya its serve me right. Actually they are MUET and final semester result. They both were okay but wait MUET, can I cry a river for it? I don't know why I'm suck at MUET and I think I've put a lot of efforts on it. Maybe it wasn't enough or maybe Allah wants me to work and pray harder, oh yes. SNAP!

By the way, thinking about results, its lead me to think about my UPU applications. I really have a low self-opinion about myself that I'll get first intake of degree. Its true that 'having a low opinion about yourself is not modesty, but it is self-destruction', but this is something unsure but the negative side seems agree with my inner thoughts. For me, it is okay to wait for second intake degree as long as I get my favourite course which is TESL (Education). It is just only people's expectations that I can't stand.

However, I'm not going to give up. Never at all. One important thing I'll just bear in mind,
His plans definitely are the best for me.

Doakan saya ya sahabat :)

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