Be Honest

Assalamualaikum and hi.

White people said 'Honesty is The Best Policy'. I couldn't agree more with that statement because I've encountered a few of 'honesty scenes'. Here is I want to share some stories.

Last night, my sisters and  I went to a book store. We bought a lot of stationary stuffs and I thought it might exceed the amount of money that we brought and at that time my big sister was waiting in the car with her little son. When my little sister and I were about to pay, and the cashier done with the calculation, I was so surprised because the things that we loaded on the cashier table only cost RM 17. I was so confused at that time because my lil sister bought a lot of exercise books (about 4 books) and pens. I honestly do not good in math but yup I still know that the cashier miscalculated it. So yes peeps, honesty is the best policy! What if someone will take it for granted? It might cause the cashier to pay it back to her employer or be fired. However, it is not merely about dunya matter but this simply will drag you until the hereafter. All of our honesty and deeds will be questioned by Allah. Are we ready for hereafter's punishments? So yeah, I take it as a lesson. 

Last but not least, I really wanna say that 'What Goes Around Comes Around'.
Undoubtedly and absolutely yes!

Because it happened to me when I bought something (I don't remember what it is) at a store and the cashier also miscalculated it and it made me loss about RM 50. But alhamdulillah.. lucky me, lucky me there was a fine lady at my back who was in queue, asked the cashier to calculate it again and at that time, I actually didn't know what is going on and she told me that the cashier miscalculated it. Alhamdullillah, I'm really grateful for her awareness. In short, this means, if you help others by being honest, Allah also will send people to help you too in future.

Dear everyone and me,

Please, please and please be honest when this happens to you because it is a respected value (everyone knows right). The cashier might not know that he/she miscalculates the stuffs so beware and be honest. By being honest, you might cheer up someone's live or maybe save their money for goods even for one ringgit. Who knows. There's a lot of stories about the unfortunate related to money. Take note. 

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