College Life (Part 1 - Academic)

Alhamdulillah, I already made it to the third year of degree. There are one more semester plus practicum left then I'm done with degree oh yass. Time sure flies so fast, isn't it? It feels like it was just yesterday I unpacked my big luggage in '939', so called home. I didn't write so much about how my college life looks like in previous posts. I've never been bothered to write one because of packed schedules. But this time before I get older, I want to write about it so that I won't forget how does it feel like to be a college student. And when I have kids or grandchildren, they will flipping through these posts and go with "Oh yass that's how my grandma rolls ๐Ÿ˜‰".

I can say that being a university or college student is AWESOME (it'd be more fun if you have more money kids, like seriously no kidding Aeon Mall is just 7 minutes of walking distance), thus for those who say the other way round might be underdogs? Or they do not have a clear vision or mission in doing things? Maybe. Might be. Hello, wakey wakey! This is the right time to try everything! I mean everything which is good. Okay, back on track, basically being a college student, as usual we have classes every weekdays, we sometimes do have practices or meetings too during weekends and for me I also have *extra class* which I always attend when final examination is around the corner. Then, second week of lectures, we will be loaded with assignments, continuously with fourth or fifth week, we will be having our assignments submission and also tests. Then mid-semester exam, assignments again and last but not least, final examination which only covers 30% of assessments. Pretty cool, isn't it? I think the coursework given is quite good, because in my view, to be able to be listed in President's List or Dean's List, I need to always maintain my performance in academic and personal enhancement subject. In my college, we call it PEC subject. Everyone in my college knows how burdening the PEC subjects are, even the lecturers too, BUT on the bright side, it teaches us patience, management, leadership, communication skills and yet sometimes lead us to ass-kissing the lecturers. Oops! ๐Ÿ™ˆ๐Ÿ™Š

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