Inspiring November Baby

Have I ever mentioned how much I love listening to Yuna's songs? Like since 2009? Okay, nope I think I haven't mentioned it on any social media. Apparently, I still love listening to her songs. All of them I swear. I bet my super someone doesn't know about it too hahahaha xD I still remember how I fell in love with her song. It started on one mist-full and rainy night when I was in car on my way to tuition (like a lovey-dovey romantic moment), the radio played her song entitled 'Dan Sebenarnya' and at that moment I thought the singer was an Indonesian because the way she sang it didn't sound much like a Malaysian singer. She gave the best first impression to my ear (umm is this the right words to say it?) Well for me, she has undoubtedly a unique voice. Then, I started to dig in more of her songs on internet and yass I found it. I used to listen to 'Random Aweseome', 'Rocket' and 'These Streets'.

It was 2009 at that moment and as the months and years went by, I found her blog, I read everything she wrote, I even knew that she loved to listen to Emiliana Torrini's song entitled 'To Be Free'. I found her lookbook and had this attempt to follow her style which I thought was very cool.. Nah, if you think that she wasn't that "trendy", I don't think many of women nowadays will wear shawls belit-belit and put earrings outta of shawl urgh come on peeps, please accept it that she was sort of trendy since she started her career in music industry. Regardless of too much of negativity that people throw at her, for me she still stays lowkey as she is. I love her positivity so much that it kills and overshadows the negativity part. I love how she handles her haters. You gotta be chill because you know yourself better than others. I'm not saying this as I'm totally 360 supporting what she's doing, but I think there's so much of bright sides that we can look into her hardwork as she brings Malaysia's name to a whole new level; international which is so little of us do care about it. For me, she is an inspiring lady. A lady with attitude, beautiful brain and wonderful talent that shouldn't be taken for granted.

Happy 29th Birthday Yuna, in advance ✨

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