Frankly speaking, before I enrolled to my university, I've never been on stage as one of the main actresses in any performance. Even during Cultural Nights when I had Leadership Camps, even when I was in secondary school or primary school. 2016 must gotta do something with magic isn't it? 

So, this semester I have to take Theatre in TESL as my main course and along the way I was selected to be Mahura at first. But then, my coursemate, Syafika wanted to be Mahura instead of Mahsuri so we had our fourth time of auditions in front of our lecturer, and yes she was selected to be Mahura, and I'd be Mahsuri, the innocent. I was a bit unsatisfied because being innocent (faking it) is not my forte hahahah. Yknow, it was so hard for me to be into the character when I actually have this grumpy look all the time. However, I was so lucky to have a very good teammates, including producer, director and playwright who have always been supportive. They motivated me to do well and believe in myself.

As theatre has ended, I would say it went pretty well. With bloods, tears and sweats are paid off with ocean of positive feedback from audiences, fellow friends, lecturers and also our dean! Alhamdulillah everyone liked it, everyone enjoyed our performance regardless of a few unavoidable mistakes that some people didn't realize. I would like to write more, but maybe after my finals okay? Stay tuned!

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