gadjet lu lagi berharge dari gua!

Assalamualaikum and hey how's it hanging yo ?

I'm not going to badmouth about someone on my post okay, but this really happened to me and I was like
 "who am i? who am i to you?" (dalam hati je)  uhuk -____-

I feel really sorry for this kinda of person which is I really  think , gadget obsessed. When I was talking to my friends and they were like having more fun with their gadgets, I felt like they tried to get me on nerve and it was kinda annoying. Seriously annoying. Have you experienced that? Have you?
Oh maybe just me surrounded by those annoying people. Poor Mijaa..

Well, I know la, dengan arus kemodenan yang pesat membangun ini, kita seringkali disuakan dengan pelbagai gadget2 yang super fantastic awesome advance. If and only if you uolls dont have money like me, you own nothing. *facepalm* This is not because I have no super awesome gadget, this is because I think that, this kinda of person don't really understand what is really means by "Budi Bahasa Budaya Kita".

This post is just my humble opinion of course, we should, I repeat WE should to respect someone who talks to us. Not by ignoring them while busying yourself  with your new iPhone 5, S3 what so bla bla of gadgets, isn't it? Please please and please shows some respect to others. Gua bukan apa, gua cuma kadang-kadang tu terkilan lah kan, bukan main lagi gua ber-storytelling and I wanna to chill up with them and then my friends pop-out with stupid question

"what? what did you say just now?"
"where we stopped? ouhh...that's that's....."


contoh muka gua kalau annoying sangat
dalam hati, sabar sabar ~

notakaki; kata bahasa jiwa bangsa. heh, wa lu wa lu, takpe dalam hati ada iman, biar puaka jangan celaka, adios!


elyna mirsada said...

muka cumel,hehe

Mijaa said...

hihi, annoying gile kan :3

khairul nizam said...

bekeng ngat ye haha

Mijaa said...

meme bekeng =..=