Assalamualaikum and hey how's it hanging yo ?

Alhamdulillah, after a few months waiting for my SPM result, and finally I've got mine. Nothing to worry about anymore, keep calm and smile :) Dengan sedikit usaha ni, dapat jugaklah result as expected, as what I dreamt before. Hahaha. Seriously, I wasn't upset with my result at all cause I know my limit, so did my parents.. I still have friends who still lend their hands whenever and wherever I fall. I can't ask for more than this. Alhamdulillahx1000 .

Oh btw, I want to wish a big congratulation to all of my friends who got straight As, especially FIRST BATCH of SM Sains Hulu Terengganu aka SAHUTIAN, 30 candidates got straight As  and for sure to all of my ex-classmates yg sangat-sangat membantu, 5 UTM 2012. Believe me you guys are awesome! :D

And not forget to all of my makwes especially Aisha Najwa who got 8A+ 1A. Mabrook! 

To my dearest teachers, I don't know how I'm going to thank you guys. It's not 9As but still, it means a lot to me though. May Allah bless you.

As what I've reminded myself before, I'll not let an result decide my future, because I believe Allah wills :)

Once again, Congratulation Batch 95' .


Unknown said...

ohhh . mula-mula tak faham . baca sekali lagi .haha. ohhh . siti . kita senasib bab addmath tu . tapi ,tk pernah laa dikecam hebat mcm tu . Alhamdulilah . sadis sangat si straight A's tu . pfft .

Unknown said...

weyh weyh . tukar entry doh laa . hahaha . comment kat atas tu untuk entry SPM result's Drama . malunyaa .tutup muka lari laju laju . haha

Mijaa said...

kui2, patut pon.. awatnya laa komen kat sini. xpa2, cek memahami :)

si straight As tu tak kenal tapak kasut kot. hihi xD