Mom Worries

I didn't get any spot to any college for degree first intake and I feel so numb quite dumb. My parents worry about my future but what I supposed to react? Do I have to mourn, scream or cry over it because I can't further my studies yet? I'm no longer the old Iza who used to cry over the split milk, mom. I gotta be strong for what future awaits me. I'm not going to cry. I'm really not going to, never ever. 

My parents still worry, especially mom. She asked me why do I look like nothing has happened and I just shrugged and didn't reply because I don't know how to explain what I really feel inside. It is just my heart whispered, I've become stronger for what has killed me so many times. I call it somewhat rejections. I'm sad and you didn't know and I can't explain it how. I know God can't be so cruel to me as I've encountered a lot of conflicts in my foundation year. These times are hard but sooner or later, it will pass.

In Allah's plans, I fully trust. 

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