Sappy Love Poems

I write sappy love poems,
Then, I throw them away.

Just because they'll never be good enough for you,
Just because I can't put my feelings into words,
Just because I'm shy, 
Or maybe just because I don't want you to read them,
Just because I don't want you to know.

But probably, just because I don't know
how you'd react when you know.

Just because I'm scared,
Just because it's so intense,
Or just because it isn't strong enough to
convey what I wanted to say.

Just because I think you're awesome.
Just because I think you're the best.
Just because I think nothing will be good enough.

Just because-

I write you sappy love poems, 
Then I throw them away.
But I know you know anyway.
And just because-
I love you more every day.

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