MSU di Hatiku ❤

"You wouldn't find any university that located in front of the highway and behind a river in Malaysia. And never underestimate a university's capabilities based on its field size because we have Stadium Shah Alam nearby"  Dato'Rosli Yusof (Vice President, Corporate Communication)

I've been here, in Management & Science University (MSU) for about almost 3 weeks and I got to say that MSU is great, yes so far. I have good housemates in Brunsfield, good project manager, met good friends. I also have my bestfriend from Lendu in MSU which makes my life merrier than I imagined. The orientation also went well. My group which named Bryan Adams 14 had to perform ballet dance ahh that was so embarassing but funny event! We all got a chance to see medic (MBBS) students dancing, how cool was that huh? ( ー̀εー́ ) I wouldn't compare my orientation week with public universities' orientation because in here, we have slightly different rules that we all have to practice but undoubtedly it's totally good in here. Alhamdulillah.. and I even love MSU's theme songs especially Jasamu Di Hati. Hahaha I have to admit that sometimes I will unconsciously spontaneously  karaoke that song in bathroom. So, I would like to share MSU's songs as I love this university.

Budi dan jasamu kan sentiasa dihatiku
Di sinilah mindaku mula dibina
Membawaku ke puncak jaya

Suka duka di sini riang gembira
Kita bagaikan bersaudara
Kita melalui kenangan indah
Kembara ilmu bersejarah

Terima kasihku atas segala pengorbananmu
Management and Science University
MSU pilihanku segala jasamu dihatiku
Impian kita menjadi nyata

Cemerlang MSU,terbilang namamu
MSU pilihanku kebanggaan semua.

I'm gonna love this place and live my life to fullest in MSU \(>o<)ノ


Khairul Nizam Suhaimin said...

Tahniah dan selamat belajar di tempat baru.
*sori x komen dlm bahasa english hehe

Mijaa said...

Lah, takpelah..terima kasih. *mukaserbasalah*

Nawar_HarukaIzumi said...

Humming lm bilik air doe lgu MSU...hahaha...

Mijaa said...

haii nawar hehe yg tu memang le ~