Hey-hey, I was so happy today cause I met my BFFs sebab kita dah lama tak jumpa. So, we gather in a square table, talks, share secrets,  eat a lot and shopping for sure. When I first met Aina after a long-lost contact,  I was like OMA! How slim she is. Like seriously, Aina bertambah comel, with her skinny thigh jeans. Really adore my BFFs' outfits today. As semua makin membesarkan, semua dah pandai bergaya, and I was like *alahai* , aku je yang tertinggal di belakang with my t-shirt and sneaker. It's okay cause I know that they didn't judge me by how I look or behave, they really know me. Gaduh-gaduh manja tu common lah kan, ukhuwah itu masih kekal. Alhamdulillah.

here goes some pictures. load.. some more..

di Brands Outlet, mood gila mai dah, dia mai dah. 
Ehh ehh , makin chubby la budak ni.. bahagia sungguh tunjuk gigi arnab :3

ni makwe-makwe gua yang paling gua sayang, gua akan marah betei kalu ada orang nak kacau makwes gua. 

Amna, my best listener ever.

in blue Aina, our best fashion-adviser and hilarious in person.
in green Piqah, our petite, little BFF and really really naughty in silence. I know it, the way she act in her own camera.

and last but not least..

Aisha or I call her Esoh is my kakak today. We accidentally met her teacher and her teacher asked, 
"Superman! Adik awak ke ni?" 
."Ehh, takdelah" replied us in aghast .

see? nampak tak permainan dia kat situ? 

what else I can say, I just happy enough for today, and we went home by Aina's father's car. And we did a little shenanigans at her home. Mucho gracias for Aina for giving us the sweet lip balms, yeah? lip balms I guess. First time owning it, and I love it :* lots of love for today.


Anonymous said...

dah baca dah sayang, hihi. best lah, entry ni, wiwit hahaa
<3 <3

Mijaa said...

sweet kan I...
kah3 :D
lain kali kita outing lagi okay!