my imaginary friend said ;

It's okay you got a bad grade.
It's okay you're not skinny and have bright big eyes and don't fit into size four jeans.
It's okay boys don't whistle at  you (I mean you're not a dog, are you?)
It's okay if your friends are leaving, because if they were such a good friends, they'd be sitting with you trying  to not make you feel like shit.
It's okay if your parents shout at you, they trying their best and I don't think they remember how it feels to be a teenager anyway.
It's okay if someone that you care most, ignore you and they don't even realize your existence.
It's okay if you feel as tough as you've lost yourself, everybody does from time to time.
It's okay if you're still searching for that missing part of you, we all are.
It's okay to feel alone, but you must often remind yourself that you're not.

You must remind yourself that you're 'beautiful', individual, replica of nobody else.
You're you and that's  damn well good enough for yourself! 


syahirah said...

wah... kata kata yang memberi motivasi betul la...huhhuhu kadang2 saya ada jugak kata dalam hati cmtu

Mijaa said...

yup :)
btw, thanks for comment Syahirah :D