sanah helwah Qistina Ariana

Today is my niece birthday, Qistina Ariana, which is the most I adore. And now, she is three years old. Time sure flies, cause I still remember when I first posting about her in my blog before, how I dukung her in my arms when she was 7 days-old. Well, she is the only niece that I had. For the time being. herher :D

How witty she looks! Onomnomnomnom ~

Happy Hippie Birthday Qistina Ariana, 
May Allah Bless you . Always :*


Unknown said...

saya dah baca bismillah .saya dah boleh comment .ecehhh. we're awesome and cute .* tangan didada mata keatas .i love you all :) Thanks for being my bff ! :)

Mijaa said...

ur most welcome darling! hihi.
yeah. for sure we're awesome xD